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It’s time for an ass kicking.

It’s time for an ass kicking.

Only trigger can take a show like Kill la Kill and take it from great to 11/10 in less than 5 seconds. 

Sasuga trigger. Nudist Beach Nonon is the best thing to happen to KlK since the Fight Club episode.

Back with another weekly dose of Tower of God.

So Beta stands defeated, we’ve always known Baam was strong but he just wiped the floor with Beta, he’s easily on par with the top 5 E-Rank regulars at this point, and now he’s back with the team he’ll probably start getting through floors at an alarming pace, but he’ll still have to deal with FUG and Reflejo before that. 

Baam putting Beta in his place again is extremely satisfying.

Just as everything seems to be wrapping up nicely in come the predictable troops and equally predictable Lero-Ro. I wonder how he’s going to shape things to come, maybe we’ll finally get to see more about Wolhaiksong and Baam will finally get to meet up with Yuri Zahard again, or maybe he’ll be off as quickly and he appeared. 

Incredibly interesting and progressive move by the author, congratulations to the non-binary community

And Baam is finally reunited with his friends. I love getting to see him and Rak together, after their brief emotional Reunion last time we can see them together here and the trust they share even after being apart for so long, Baam asks him to get away he barely stops to make sure he won’t have to leave him for long. 

Even Koon just wants to get straight back to Baam but Beta has other plans, he’s not here to stand around and get soppy but then ironically he finally decides to give us his tragic back story.

You can immediately spot the difference in strength of Beta fighting on his own compared to Baam having Koon and Yeon backing him up, it’s obvious that all of his fighting alone has left him shy of the knowledge about how fighting as a group works in the tower. 

Finally we get to Baam laying down the hard fist backed truth and Beta does not like it one bit. I wonder if he’ll see the light of if Baam will have to spend another chapter beating it into him. 

I can only see a bad end for Beta coming up though, if he turns side’s I don’t even think I’d give him a chapter before the mastermind behind his plan shows up and sticks the knife in his back, we know from experience betrayal is one of SIU’s favorite twists. 

It’s time

It’s time

Little something I threw together from the Tonari no Seki-kun ed.

Little something I threw together from the Tonari no Seki-kun ed.

Chuuni Ren gifs 3

Chuuni Ren gifs 2

Chuuni Ren gifs 1